Difficult Employees

Dealing with Performance and Conduct Issues is a two-day seminar which focuses on just 5-10% of a Federal agency’s workforce.  It offers supervisors, managers and union officials a look behind the HR curtain, showing how such problems can be successfully addressed.  This class moves from the traditional approaches involving reprimands, suspensions, and performance improvement plans to more modern methods like mediated agreements regarding future behavior, individualized requirements, and abeyance agreements.

Robbie Kunreuther had the unpleasant task of firing civil service employees whose performance or behavior couldn’t be corrected.  He understands why managers would rather avoid such traumatic decisions and how employees should be accountable for their own employment success or failure.  Dealing with Performance and Conduct Issues focuses on correcting the problem in the most practical time frame with the least amount of documentation.

Because these cases are so likely to result in litigation, the class covers how cases are won and lost when challenged.  Robbie represented the government before the Merit Systems Protection Board, labor arbitrators and the EEOC.  He explodes common myths while focusing on the possible.  This seminar turns participants’ attention toward the competent, hard-working majority that needs to be relieved of workplace distractions.  This seminar results in huge cost savings if just 1-2 people attending leave with a plan they had never believed possible before coming.  Call or e-mail Robbie for a course agenda and other details.

Like all GPS seminars, this class is off-the-shelf training and commercially available to the public.  For organizations located in North America, Dealing with Performance and Conduct costs $9,000 (including all materials and expenses) for a group of up to 30 participants.  Seminars presented within 50 miles of Seattle cost $8,000 and those in Hawaii $10,000.  Classes outside of the United States are priced individually.  Call or e-mail Robbie for a course agenda and other details.