Labor Relations

Robbie Kunreuther has helped clients form labor-management partnerships/forums that have endured for more than a decade. His clients know that the adversarial systems from 5 USC Chapter 71 are available, yet choose to invest in communication and cooperation rather than grievances and unfair labor practice charges. Robbie has also facilitated collective bargaining agreement negotiations which allowed the parties to move through issues faster and with greater clarity.

Once a Labor Relations Specialist who negotiated with and litigated against unions, Robbie has come to appreciate the fact that labor-management cooperation saves money. Understanding Federal Labor Relations covers labor law as supervisors, managers, union officials actually use it. From the statutory rights of management, union and employees to topics like conditions of employment, formal discussions, and unfair labor practices this seminar seeks to be more pragmatic than legalistic.

Most clients have Robbie present Understanding Federal Labor Relations to audiences from both sides of the table – something he’s been doing since the late 1980s. GPS also has off-the-shelf seminars that cover the particulars of labor management partnerships/forums and interest-based bargaining. Robbie ensures that folks have fun while learning how labor law looks at ground level. If it’s your agency invested in training that brings union and management closer together, consider GPS.