GPS can help Federal supervisors and managers improve efficiency and save costs

Robbie Kunreuther is the Director of Government Personnel Services (GPS), a one-man business he started in 1990.  His home and office are in Seattle, Washington.  The mission of GPS is to improve the efficiency of government by focusing on 3 specific areas: 1) Successfully addressing poor performance and misconduct issues; 2) Using performance appraisals as a tool for improving individual performance; and 3) Improving relations between leadership and labor unions.

Before starting GPS Robbie was Associate Director of the Federal Personnel Management Institute (FPMI) for 2 years.  Prior to that, he served as a Staffing Specialist, Employee Relations Specialist, and Labor Relations Specialist for the Department of the Navy.  He was also a Service Representative for 5 years with the Social Security Administration.  Mr. Kunreuther is certified as a mediator in Seattle, Washington state, and with the Federal Executive Board.

Robbie’s teaching style is engaging, humorous, provocative and motivational.  He helps supervisors, managers and union officials understand and use Federal labor and employee relations laws/regulations in ways that maximize achievement, creativity and cost savings.

Mr. Kunreuther has published articles in several periodicals and co-authored The A to Z Book of Managing People, which was published by Putnam/Berkley in 1997.  Over the past several years, his musings can be found at:

“I believe Robbie was an exceptional instructor. Great mix of exercises and material. It is a great instructor when he can assess the material and time and adapt during the class. Robbie allowed for important questions and made up time in how he handled the examples with ease and grace. Well done!”