Labor Relations

Understanding Federal Labor Relations

Robbie Kunreuther has helped clients form labor-management partnerships/forums that have endured for decades. His clients know that the adversarial systems are available, yet choose to invest in communication and cooperation rather than grievances and unfair labor practice charges. Robbie has also facilitated collective bargaining agreement negotiations which allowed the parties to move through issues faster
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Difficult Employees

Dealing with Performance and Conduct Issues

Dealing with Performance and Conduct Issues is a two-day seminar which focuses on just 5-10% of a Federal agency’s workforce.  It offers supervisors, managers and union officials a look behind the HR curtain, showing how such problems can be successfully addressed.  This class moves from the traditional approaches involving reprimands, suspensions, and performance improvement plans
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Performance Appraisals

Making Sense of Federal Performance Appraisals

Performance Appraisal is the subject most supervisors, managers, and HR Specialists avoid like root canals.  Training commonly focuses on forms, time frames, and limiting high ratings.  Meanwhile, supervisors are tasked with judging people’s value and talent.  Government Personnel Services’ seminar Making Sense of Federal Performance Appraisals takes an approach agencies won’t find elsewhere.  Robbie uses
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“Robbie has an uncanny way of making tough issues make sense. I wish I would have had this training 5 years ago when I became a supervisor. This class has given me the tools and knowledge to be a better supervisor. Thanks Robbie!”